My life in the 4th dimension – Lucid Dreaming.

“A lucid dream is any dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.”

My experiences lucid dreaming is what I can only call profound and astounding .
Before I mastered Lucid dreaming I was having Lucid dreams without being aware I was lucid. Which I think is the case for a lot of people. Whenever I would of had a”bad” dream, I was aware I was in a threatening situation in the dream and in turn would remember “hold on, I am dreaming.” I would use this little trick I done where I would force my eyes open with my fingers in the dream and I would immediately wake up.
However, My experiences today are a lot more vivid and advanced, for the past few years every night I go to sleep I am lucid in my dream.
It is one of the most indescribable things, If I am sleeping and am awoken by my son crying, I will hear it in my dream and say to whoever I am with ” I will be right back.” wake up, see to the baby, go back to sleep and I am at the exact same place in the exact same dream I was in before.




David Icke said “The spirit body exits the physical container in this reality by raising it’s vibration beyond the physical and assumes form in the 4th dimension, where it’s thoughts, emotions, and deep seeded fears assume actual form and shape. This materialization of thought is used against the dreamer in his daze, as he does not realize that his dreams are actual events in ‘the astral’ or 4th dimension.

When speaking of the 4th dimension, I am referring to a non-physical dimension outside of our perception, and outside of ‘spacetime’ as we know it. In quantum physics the 4th dimension is accounted for as the origin of ‘Time’ and it overlays our dimension, which we experience quite obviously as movement, differences, distances, etc. … time is a dimensional phenomena, it is not local to the 3rd dimension, but is instead a 4th dimension. All 3rd dimensional beings have a 4th dimensional self which becomes aware 1/3 of their life in order to familiarize them with their next highest dimension.

In other words, all of us dream, and are sleeping (or should sleep) 1/3 of our life, because our 4th dimensional self must experience itself 1/3 of our lives, in order to prepare us for the Big Transition of full awareness and existence in the 4th dimension…

What is that ‘Big Transition’called for us? Death.”

My 4th dimensional life is the opposite to my life in this 3rd dimension. If I go to the cinema it is the same cinema I will usually go to in my waking life, but on the opposite side of the street. Everything will be the same but in a different place. If I do not like the movie, the cinema will turn into a plane and I will land anywhere in the world I want and have an amazing holiday.
Where time does not exist your thought’s manifest anything, anybody, anywhere. These dreams are extremely vivid. I went through a sort of weird what I call “inception” process when I first started being aware that I was lucid in my dreams and I would lay in bed wanting to sleep and stay in my dream and not get on with my day because I was in love, amazement and awe with this whole different dimension I had discovered where I could manifest whatever I wanted in life just by thinking of it. Where everything was so vivid and positive. Where you are unable to feel lower dimensional emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, anger, pain. Don’t get me wrong you can feel these emotions in your “nightmares” when you are not in control and when you are in the 3rd and lower dimensions where we live in “time.” But once you are in control and lucid, when we ascend to the 4th or 5th dimensions which are irrespective of time, we are free of all suffering and despair.

In the 4th dimensional world; If I where to have an object in the dream and I put it somewhere, I can go back knowing it will be there. I have regular places I got to in my dream, even though I never work, I am just there floating around the “work space.” I say floating because this world we live in is a lot more dense than the 4th dimension.

One of the places I am around a lot is in an amazing quirky very different looking little “bar” if you can call it that because It changes to a restaurant, or a coffee shop depending on my thought’s and the previous day’s events; for example if I ran out of coffee I no I am going to wake up in our world without my coffee, so I will subconsciously create an amazing little coffee shop and literally watch the bar change to a coffee machine in a blink of a second. Just like any other dream only I know I am in complete control of all of it.
Amazing and quite funny how the mind works.

It is not just like I am just walking down the street in my dream and I suddenly decide to create a building -like in the movie inception.-  It is a whole different world I go to when I go to sleep, a world my subconscious thoughts have created. I know that tonight when I go to sleep,  I will wake up in the same theme park on the same slide next to the same ball pit (I no, I’m such a big kid!)that I left this morning when I woke up. I have friends who I do not know in my waking world that I spend time with in the dream realm. We only dream of people we have seen, even if our brain has seen them and we have not. So it is mind blowing to think of somebody who I have never consciously met that I have such a deep subconscious connection to. How amazing. We really are all one. 

ALPD – Active Lucid Precognitive Dreaming

You may already know what precognitive dreams mean; this is a dream you dream that one day later comes true. It has been linked to Deja Vu and has been called Deja Reve when you link the Deja experience to something you have dreamed.

If you have not had a lucid dream, or a precognitive dream then it is logically assumed that you have never had any experience with ALPD. ALPD is when both the lucid dream awareness emerges with the precognitive paradox of dreaming. The active component in ALPD is when you actively engage the lucid dream. Through actively engaging the precognitive dream from a lucid state, you then affect causality. What this means is; by actively participating in the lucid precognitive dream; when this dream actualizes that active participation also occurs in waking life reality. When you consciously change a precognitive dream, those changes actualize and happen in waking life.

I have had quite a few different experiences with ALPD.
One Recently where in my dream I got lost by missing my exit on the motorway and I was completely lost and frustrated in a little village I did not know. About two months after this dream, I got lost, missing the exact exit and ending up in the exact same village I was in, in my dream! This was a little village I did not even know existed in my waking life! Everything was EXACTLY the same as in the dream, and even more eerie the EXACT same man I asked for directions! He spoke the same way, was in the same car, the only difference was the steering was on the other side of the car and he was with someone in the dream. It was so strange to the point where I had to pull over from being so overwhelmed with the synchronicity. I also reconnected with an old friend in a dream and the exact same scenario happened in waking life, but in waking life we where sitting outside and not inside, I remember mentioning to her “I had a dream of this.”

Deja Vu is amazing but Deja Reve especially when the dream was lucid and even more vivid is even more incredible, makes me really feel like a little clairvoyant. (:

Lucid dreaming has opened up a whole new world to me. Literally. Every single time I sleep I am lucid. I personally feel that from being lucid it can help prepare you for life in the 4th dimension. Human beings are capable of becoming ‘lucid’ in dreams or realizing that they are dreaming. In such states they become thought-creators, changing their dream experience, and are incapable of being controlled. It is paramount to the hierarchy of dimensions that beings in the 4th dimension feed upon those who cannot see them or combat them physically, that is, those in the 3rd dimension.
If a human becomes aware of the 4th dimension he witnesses the predatory field around him, allowing him to escape the proverbial lions and alligators of our dream. We are of higher dimensions, but are cloaked in this dimension and manipulated by it, as 3rd dimensional beings.

“The truth has been interpreted as human beings having divine origin, which is true, in that we are higher dimensional beings ‘trapped’ in physicality. But the genetic human body is in fact like all other bodies, a physical object which is fed upon, and has been manipulated through genetic intervention. 
For human beings it does not matter if we are ever harmed physically… we are still fed upon by non-physical beings. To die in the physical is not the only thing. You can also be terrorized and fed on in the afterlife. To arm yourself and be prepared you must become familiar with the next dimension, the fabric of the afterlife. 
If we dream with lucidity, become proficient in the ‘astral realm’ through astral projection or deep meditation… awareness and strength in our 4th dimensional self develops as something we will inherit at death. Otherwise, we are going to be naked and afraid.
If we remain spiritually pure, we are untouchable as a law of vibration does not allow lower vibrating 4th dimensional beings to feed on a 5th dimensional soul.  David Icke


 At a deeper level we are all immortal.

What the mind believes the mind achieves. 


Thank you reading. Happy dreaming. (:



Do you have any crazy lucid dreaming experiences? Let me no in the comments below!


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