From Jerk chicken to Beans & greens – How I turned into a vegetarian overnight

Let me start by saying this is not a blog trying to convince you to stop eating meat and to turn vegan. This is just my story and what made me stop eating meat overnight and what kept me from eating any meat, eggs or diary (with the exception of cheese… guilty pleasure!) for the past year now. There is no need to just suddenly become a vegetarian overnight if you are looking to stop eating meat, I recommend slowly cutting down either by having a meat free lunch or dinner then moving on to maybe one day a week with no meat and then slowly challenge yourself to a weekend with no meat and so forth. 

Why did I go green?

Funnily enough me turning into a vegetarian was completely subconscious. Everybody who knows me can not believe that I do not eat meat anymore. I would eat so much meat; burgers, meatballs, ribs, pulled pork, just to name a few.

I was on holiday in Wales and we had just packed out the fridge full of everything I loved. Steak, burgers, chicken, gammon, sausages.  I am a big foody, the sort who get’s excited about eating, and to be honest I could not wait to divulge into that steak, cooked medium rare covered in peppercorn sauce.  However the strangest thing happened when I ate it…

Prior to me having my steak dinner I did an extremely deep guided meditation where I met my spirit guides, it was completely life changing and amazing (More on that later.)  The reason I am mentioning my meditation is because I do believe it had something to do with what happened when I was eating my steak dinner in Wales that night.

So I just got a great big fork full of juicy succulent steak and was using it to soak up the peppercorn sauce on my plate, as I took a bite, something happened that had never happened before, I could taste past the flavours. Don’t get me wrong there was absolutely nothing wrong with the steak but for the first time ever I sat there thinking I am chewing dead flesh. However, I still ate all of my food and did not think much about it.

The next meal…

The next day I had Jerk chicken and rice and peas. One of my favourite meals that I grew up on. I took my first bite not even thinking about the night before because of how hungry I was. It went down fine, however my second bite was even worst than when I had eaten the steak the night before. It did not matter how good the chicken tasted I could taste right past the flavours once again. I was chewing a dead chicken. My partner was eating BBQ beef brisket at the time so I decided to have some of his… it was exactly the same. Straight past all the hickory BBQ flavour’s and right into “the flesh.”
It was carnage. I could not finish my meal.

 You are what you eat

Whenever I meditate I always visualise myself connected to earth and all life on it. It was the first time I meditated since this meat ordeal that I realised why my body was rejecting meat so much. The last thing an animal feels before it is killed is fear and when you eat meat you are eating that energy. I slowly started to feel that if I ate meat my body would just be a graveyard for dead animals. It sounds crazy but I completely shifted my paradigm, when you think of meat for what it is. A dead animal on your plate you will be less likely to eat it.  I even stopped eating eggs, Or what is essentially the embryo of a chicken. Male chicken’s can not lay eggs, so when chicks are born for egg-laying, the males are thrown into the garbage alive or are ground up whilst still alive to make chicken feed.
Pure evil.

We are mentally conditioned from a young age to eacd6eae0cdf010f523d7557d3a7fa3a97t meat and we eat it without being present, purely because it may taste good and because a lot of people think they can only get protein from meat. This is very wrong, you can get the same amount if not more with less horrible side effects from beans.

“Carnivores swallow their food whole, relying on their extremely acidic stomach juices to break down flesh and kill the dangerous bacteria in meat that would otherwise sicken or kill them. Our stomach acids are much weaker in comparison because strong acids aren’t needed to digest pre-chewed fruits and vegetables.
During most of our evolutionary history, we were largely vegetarian: Plant foods, such as yams, made up the bulk of our ancestors’ diet. The more frequent addition of modest amounts of meat to the early human diet came with the discovery of fire, which allowed us to lower the risk of being sickened or killed by parasites in meat. This practice didn’t turn our ancestors into carnivores but rather allowed early humans to survive during periods in which plant foods were unavailable.” – peta





Benefits of going meat free

  • Fat and cholesterol reduction
  • Reduce inflammation in your body
  • Food poisoning
  • Glowing skin
  • Good for your heart
  • You help protect the environment
  • You reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce animal cruelty

So that is how I went from loving meat one night to detesting it the next. A complete Paradigm shift. Other postive changes I have noticed since not eating meat are I feel a lot more calm, more connected to life and nature. My senses are more heightened, if there are fresh flowers anywhere they are the first thing I can smell. I have eaten so many different delicious amazing fruit’s and vegetable’s I did not even know existed. It has enhanced my creativity when it comes to cooking and even improved my diet and nutrition from all the healthy amazing foods I am eating. My absolute favourite thing is BBQ butters beans, it is exciting eating new things and you really do feel the physical changes within yourself from going green.

I remember saying to myself after a few weeks of not eating meat, surely by Christmas this phase would have passed and I will be tucking into my favourites again. How wrong I was, I had the most delicious vegetarian Christmas.
The best thing about stopping eating meat is how much my son loves vegetables and beans from all the yummy meals I create for us! I make him very aware of what he is eating, If he wants to have a bit of chicken from his dad’s plate I will point out that it is the same animal he fed at the farm the day before. He is not completely vegetarian but I make sure he is a consious eater and that he eat’s what he want’s not what i want him to eat. I find that in this day and age that is very important.

Try a day or two without eating meat I PROMISE you will feel the difference within yourself.
I can honestly say the best thing I have ever done is stopped eating meat. 

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “From Jerk chicken to Beans & greens – How I turned into a vegetarian overnight

  1. This was a really informative read. I wrote a bit about my decision to become a pescatarian and would love if you gave it a read. I commend you for sticking to a vegan diet, I don’t think I could ever do that. Although, I am considering cutting dairy out of my diet now that I have fully understood its environmental impacts. My post discusses these impacts specifically with meat production. I think you may find some of the information interesting, considering you subscribe to a meat-free diet:


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