Why all parents should NEVER use Johnson & Johnson baby products

Great marketing for a likely carcinogen product

When I had my son I was so conscious of what I used on his skin. Whilst he was newborn I would only use water wipes on his skin. If I had none I would use cotton wool and water. I had done my research when I was pregnant and decided I would only use burts bees natural skin care on my son when he was born. This was not the case.  I have friends who were self disciplined enough to only use natural organic skincare products on their children everyday regardless. With myself however being a new mum I would often forget things when travelling with the baby, such as wipes and I eventually would just start picking up the next best thing in the local shop’s and use that. After all, who has time to find a big supermarket that stocks all the natural holistic brands you are used to when you are on the go? When I look back quite frankly I got lazy. There is no excuse. Especially when skin is one of our biggest organs and not just our skin but our babies skin.



I remember being giving a baby hamper as a gift it had everything from shampoo, lotion, baby powder and baby oils. At the same I was on holiday and I remember thinking how handy it was to have everything all together.

This was the start into my Johnson & Johnson ordeal…

I regularly started to purchase Johnson’s night-time bath and bathe my son every night before bed. I did this for just over two months and I started to slowly notice changes in my baby’s skin. His arms and legs seemed a lot more dry than usual, over the week’s it got worse.
I took my son to the doctor and it turn’s out the Johnson had caused him to develop eczema. I was prescribed something to treat the eczema and my doctor gave me a long talk about how dangerous Johnson’s are and how sad it was that Johnson’s are able to market their products for babies when they are so awful for their skin and can potentially at the least make your child’s skin sensitive for life.
My mum used Johnson and johnson baby products on me all the time growing up and now I have such sensitive skin, that I only use cotton wool and water to clean my face. If I use a baby wipe my face feel’s like it is on fire. It literally burns. 



The truth behind Johnson’s

The last thing you expect when buying products for your children is for them to have dangerous cancer causing ingredients. This is the case when it come’s to Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, moisture care baby wash and oatmeal baby wash just to name a few. One of these ingredients is Quarternium -15 ,  which releases formaldehyde; a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant, and a known carcinogen (formaldehyde exposure has been associated with leukaemia specifically).
The other ingredient is 1.4 – Dioxane – “probably carcinogenic to humans and is toxic to your brain, central nervous system, kidney’s and liver.

Johnson’s baby shampoo sold in the U.S. contains two hazardous ingredients 1.4 – dioxane and quaternium – 15. Which are not found in the product sold to certain other countries.  Johnson and Johnson also have a “natural” brand that does no contain these ingredients, yet the company still claims they’re working on reformulating their baby shampoo  “as quickly as we can safely and responsibly do so.



Johnson & Johnson admits: “Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldhyde.”


Why are Johnson and Johnson still risking the health of their customers?

Last year Johnson and Johnson had to pay out £60 million in damages to a woman who contracted cancer after using the firm’s famous Baby Powder. It is crazy that they are still able to sell their products.

On October 31, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics sent Johnson & Johnson a letter signed by 25 environmental and medical groups, demanding they “commit to removing the chemicals from all of its products by November 15.” The Campaign also urges everyone to boycott Johnson & Johnson until it complies.

Johnson & Johnson recently responded, stating that:

“We have been phasing out the use of preservatives that release tiny amounts of formaldehyde to guard against bacterial contamination. These preservative technologies, which are used widely in our industry are all safe and approved in the countries where they are sold… Over the past couple of years, we already have reduced the number of formulations globally with these ‘formaldehyde releaser’ preservatives by 33% and in the U.S. by over 60%.

We are completing this reformulation as quickly as we can safely and responsibly do so. As part of the manufacturing process, we have extensive monitoring to ensure that the amount of a trace byproduct known as “1,4 dioxane” in any of our products is well below the level that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and regulatory agencies around the world consider safe.

…We have introduced new product formulations for consumers who prefer natural products, such as JOHNSON’S® NATURAL®, a line that is 98% natural, and contains no formaldehyde releasing preservatives or traces of 1,4 dioxane.”

It really does show you that big brand’s such as Johnsons only care about one thing and it is not the health and safety of their customers. Which I find disgusting considering they are marketed at children.

At the end of the day children are our future. We should all be doing the most when it come’s to protecting them and their future.


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